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Discover Physics Workbook (4E) - ISBN: 9789810117122
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Discover Physics for GCE ‘O’ Level Science Workbook (4th Edition) complements the revised, best-selling Discover Physics for GCE ‘O’ Level Science textbook. Designed to support learning with understanding, this workbook fulfills the latest GCE ‘O’ Level Science (Physics) syllabus requirements of the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Its all-inclusive range of exercises builds foundational knowledge and develops critical higher-order thinking skills. Complete with tips on answering techniques and diagnostic self-tests, this workbook will help students tackle questions with success and achieve excellence in Physics.

• Strengthens conceptual understanding and builds critical thinking skills

Graded questions reinforce learning while building confidence and competency. Challenging questions hone mental dexterity and higher-order thinking skills. The full range of multiple-choice, structured and free-response questions provides ample practice to equip students to take on a variety of questions.

• Sharpens answering skills and develops independent learning

Tips are provided to help students understand requirements of questions and answer to score. It also features accompanying worked examples of sample questions to ensure students articulate their answers effectively. A diagnostic checklist in every worksheet enables students to evaluate their learning.

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