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Discover Biology for 'O' Level Sci Textbook (2E) - ISBN: 9789810117245
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Discover Biology for GCE ‘O’ Level (2nd Edition) has been updated to engage, enrich and inspire students’ interest and learning. While fulfilling the latest GCE ‘O’ Level Science (Biology) syllabus of the Ministry of Education, Singapore, this textbook also cultivates essential 21st Century Competencies for students’ journey of lifelong learning.

• Easy and enjoyable learning

Infographics are employed to explain concepts and communicate information in a clear, concise manner. Fascinating pictures are also used to create excitement and make learning enjoyable.

• Promotes learning with understanding and hones critical thinking skills

Hands-on activities and inquiry questions provided strengthen students’ conceptual understanding. Links between chapters and end-of-chapter concept maps highlight interrelated concepts. With ample practice, test and data-based questions, students are challenged and higher-order thinking skills are nurtured.

• Develops 21st Century Competencies

Diagnostic checklists for every chapter help students identify flaws in their understanding and guide them to learn the relevant sections for revision. Group and online learning activities are also included to help foster independent learning and ICT skills.

• Build examination confidence and skills

Challenging examination-style questions at the end of each chapter hone exam skills and confidence.

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