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Shaping Maths Coursebook 5A (3E) Print plus E-Book - ISBN: 9789813164086
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Shaping Maths' colourful Coursebooks (3rd Edition) offer a wide range of learning experiences, taking pupils from the concrete to the abstract mode of mathematical representation. Through engaging activities, pupils gain a thorough grounding in basic mathematical skills and develop the higher-order thinking skills required to solve complex problems. Question Classification: Teachers can select the category of questions that best suits the individual learner, cutting down the amount of teaching time and avoiding over-teaching. Collaborative and Reflective: The exercises encourage pupils to share ideas and give feedback on work done. Maths is thought-provoking: Activities promote cooperative learning and the application of higher-order thinking skills. Pupils are encouraged to understand how they learn, and to be conscious of how that learning is applied.

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