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Mathematics Matters Textbook 3 (Normal Academic) - ISBN: 9789812738851
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Mathematics Matters Express is a series of four course books, specially written for secondary school students preparing for the Cambridge G.C.E. ‘O' Level Examination. It emphasises the understanding and application of mathematical concepts, as well as students' proficiency in problem solving and higher-order thinking skills. Mathematics Matters Normal (Academic) series is available for students preparing for the Cambridge G.C.E ‘N' Level and ‘O' Level Examinations. Mathematics concepts in this series are presented in a systematic way– from the fundamentals to the more complex. There are numerous graded questions and activities for students of mixed abilities to test their mastery of mathematical concepts. • Practice questions are provided to create opportunities for students to apply the mathematical processes, practise and hone their newlyacquired mathematical skills. There are different levels of difficulty to cater to the diverse learning needs of students. • Interesting factoids and tidbits related to Mathematics are included to promote an appreciation of Mathematics and cultivate a positive learning attitude through Maths Vitamins; a feature found in the Textbooks. • Fully worked examples are provided to develop students' process skills and metacognition. • Journal Writing gives students opportunities to reflect on their learning journey.

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