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Maths 360 Workbook 4 (Normal Techical) - ISBN: 9789810199463
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Maths 360 Normal (Technical) Workbook is written in line with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s latest GCE Normal (Technical) Level Mathematics syllabus. It is designed to promote the acquisition and mastery of mathematical concepts and skills. The activities in the Workbook complement the Textbook to enhance conceptual understanding, mathematical reasoning and connections. Graded questions complement the Practices in the Textbook to help students tackle questions with success and achieve excellence in Mathematics. The Workbook includes: Activity fosters students’ learning experiences and enriches their ICT journey through the exploration, investigation and discussion of mathematical ideas. Exercise allows students to reinforce the concepts covered in the Textbook, and apply the skills they have learnt. The questions are graded to help students build their competency. Revision Exercise provided for students to review and consolidate the concepts and skills they have learnt. Real-World Task provided in each semester to develop students’ skills in thinking, reasoning, communication and making connections among mathematical ideas. Review Paper helps students familiarise with the GCE Normal (Technical) Level examination format. This book has been reviewed by an experienced educator and has been found to meet the learning needs of students.
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