Stok Kosong
Marshall Cavendish
Buku Impor
Lower Sec Science Textbook Vol A ENA E-Book Bundle 2E - ISBN: 9789813164406
Rp 269,000
Designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner, the textbook helps students discover scientific knowledge by using extensive real-life contexts. The use of purposeful visuals helps to enhance the students' learning experience. The book also provides many opportunities for students to develop scientific literacy through a strong foundation in Science. Helps students relate to scientific concepts using real-life context. Engages students through visuals - Information is communicated clearly and concisely in this manner. In addition, fascinating pictures are used to create excitement among students and make learning more enjoyable. Encourages critical thinking and challenges students to think about concepts at a broader level as well as understand the ethical issues surrounding science and technology.
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