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Discover Biology for 'O' Level Sci Workbook (2E) - ISBN: 9789810117276
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Discover Biology for GCE ‘O’ Level Science Workbook (2nd Edition) is specifically developed to complement the Discover Biology for GCE ‘O’ Level Science Textbook. Designed to support learning with understanding, this workbook fulfillls the latest GCE ‘O’ Level Science (Biology) syllabus requirements of the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Its wide-ranging exercises build foundational knowledge and develop critical higher-order thinking skills. • Reinforces concept development Concept mapping helps students review and integrate key concepts taught in a chapter. • Shapes independent learners and critical thinkers Self-evaluation tool at the end of every worksheet helps students monitor their learning progress. In addition, a variety of context-based and data-based questions are given to challenge students to train up their higher-order thinking skills. • Builds skills and exam confidence Thought Process in worked examples guides students through essential points to consider when answering free-response questions. A Model Examination Paper is also included to give further practice and boost exam confidence by familiarising students with the exam format.
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