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Haese Mathematics
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL - Revision Guide (Digital only) - ISBN: 9781925489910
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The aim of this Guide is to help students revise for IB Applications and Interpretation HL, both as a study tool throughout the course and as preparation material for the final examinations. The Guide has been developed to accompany the Haese Mathematics Core Topics HL and Applications and Interpretation HL books, however, it is a resource that can be used by any students regardless of their main textbook. For each Topic, there is a theory summary and a set of skill builder questions. - The theory summaries highlight the important facts and concepts. - The set of skill builder questions are designed to help consolidate understanding of each Topic. They are intended to reinforce key ideas and to identify any areas of weakness. Within each Topic, the questions are logically ordered according to the chapters of the textbook, so they can be used for test preparation. Following the coverage of all five Topics within the curriculum, the Guide has 20 mixed question sets, each containing 10 questions. Each set contains questions from every Topic, as well as cross-topic questions. The Guide contains four trial examinations, written by IB teachers from around the world. Each trial examination contains three papers: Paper 1, where calculators are not permitted, and Papers 2 and 3, where calculators are required. This format is consistent with the Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL final examination. The Guide concludes with some extra Paper 3 questions. These have been includ
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