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Oxford University Press
OTG: How To Assess Your Students - ISBN: 9780198417927
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How to Assess Your Students provides classroom practitioners with concise, practical guidance on a perennially important issue which remains central to teaching success. Written by a former teacher and expert within teacher education and assessment for learning, it leads readers through the assessment journey - from what it means and its practical implementation, through to making successful use of data to inform students' learning. The book: Explains the essentials of assessment, including (a) the features of assessment culture in the classroom and (b) strategies to develop a formative assessment culture in classrooms, Provides practical guidance on how to prepare effective assessment activities and tasks, Shows how we can learn from assessment data, and use it to provide students with helpful, constructive feedback, Empowers teachers to feel confident in using assessment as a progressive tool, helping them to make proactive decisions about student learning and progress.
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