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OTG: How To Teach Everybody: Strategies for Effective Differentiation - ISBN: 9780198417903
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How can hard-pressed teachers in mainstream classrooms plan and deliver lessons that cater for the learning needs of all their pupils, without either excessive, unrealistic preparation time, or the need for specialist training? Written by an experienced teacher, How To Teach Everybody tackles this problem by providing practical, flexible teaching strategies to enable pupils with diverse needs overcome barriers to learning and to realise their potential. This pragmatic book is written for all classroom teachers, and not just SEND specialists. It provides guidance on strategies available to deal with a range of pupils' needs in the classroom - focusing on what can be done in the time available, and with the resources teachers have to hand. Topics covered include: understanding the barriers to learning; establishing relationships and routines; making effective use of support; the use of resources, including text, visual material, and technology; the design and implementation of tasks; and the use of time.
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