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Oxford University Press
OTG: How To Create Great Lessons: 100 Tools for Planning - ISBN: 9780198417910
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How To Create Great Lessons provides 100 tools for planning that teachers can adopt in their lessons, each of which has been thoroughly tried and tested in the classroom. For each strategy, the author provides a concise outline, plus guidance on how to implement it, the pitfalls to watch out for, and how to extend it further. Each of the 100 strategies is cross-referenced, and along with a helpful index, enables readers to mix and match by moving easily between approaches. The goal throughout is to help busy, hard-pressed teaching professionals to: Save time, by providing a ready-reference to a diverse range of tested lesson planning techniques Increase flexibility and productivity, through drawing on a wide repertoire of lesson options Promote student engagement through active learning techniques. Written by an experienced teacher for other teachers, this Oxford Teaching Guide does what it says on the jacket: it introduces 100 workable, adaptable strategies, to help teachers construct and develop great lessons.
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